LuckyBums Kid Snowshoes

I am a member of the, where they send me deals on outdoor product there is no possible way I can live without. Seriously, they get me every time. One of my favorite sales they offer fairly frequently is on LuckyBums product. If you have read my blog before you will have seen reviews or comments about various LuckyBums items. Before Christmas TheClymb ran a sale and they were offering LuckyBums kids snowshoes at a discount. I have been wanting to get a pair of snowshoes for the lad and these looked pretty great. They usually retail for right about $65 a pair (I think I got our for around $35)


I think the overall design of the snowshoe is very good. They are lightweight, the fit is good (the Lad wore his insulated Bogs boots with them), the plastic is durable, and my favorite feature is the ratcheting buckles to tighten the straps easily. Sometimes the release is a little tough to work, but I managed just fine.


One problem we had was balling of snow in the teeth of the snowshoe. I am not completely sure if it was design of the teeth on this snowshoe or snow conditions not being ideal for these snow shoes (or a combination of the two). I had no balling at all on my adult Atlas snowshoes, but the slushy conditions seemed to be gumming up the works on his pair. I noticed this affecting his traction and he did end up sliding around a bit.


The left one I cleaned out, and the right is with the balling. I am thinking the bolts on the underside create a small gap were snow collects (especially the slushy snow we were in). I might need to wax that to prevent it in the future. In really light powder we didn’t have this issue.

All in all, we did around 3 miles this weekend and it was lots of fun. I would give the snowshoes a rating of 4 out of 5 due to snow balling on the teeth and the release buttons being a little “stiff”, and a 5 out of 5 for fun and getting us out there!


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