Favorites: Kid’s Stuff!

With the holiday season, I like to look back over the year and think about the things I am grateful for. We have so much and we try to make the most of life, whether it be family time all together or momma and son trips in our little trailer, we try to put an emphasis on “time” over “things”. Sometimes though, things can make an experience a little more comfortable.

Taking that into consideration, I thought it would be fun to write a little blog post about some of our favorite things for kids while camping.

The first favorite kid thing is the sleeping bag we bought from Lucky Bums. They offered 2 different sleeping bags at the time, and we chose the Kids Serenity II sleeping bag. This is a mummy style down sleeping bag, built just for kids, and is rated to 10 degrees. That is more than enough warmth inside our trailer and should be great if we tent camp. He has never been cold sleeping in it and finds it very comfortable. It stuffs easily into its own stuff sack too. I would also like to report the fantastic customer service this company provided when I called about the maintenance of the bag. I couldn’t find the washing instructions and called them about how to care for it. They were friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to speak with. Oh, and I learned the bags are machine washable on cold, but your should hang them to dry!

Photo from the Lucky Bums website

Another favorite is the camp chair we got for the Lad. Also from Lucky Bums, we got him one of their kid’s Moon Chairs, and his actually looks like the moon! He loves it and says how comfortable it is. It looked cozy enough that I bought one of the largest ones for myself. They are incredibly comfortable. The big ones are a bit heavy, but they were replacing some big chairs, so we were actually saving on room. Each chair comes with its own storage bag.

Photo from the Lucky Bums website

We love games of all types. Towards the end of our camping season we picked up the Snipe Hunt game, by Education Outdoors. This isn’t a traditional “snipe hunt”, but more of a hide and seek game where you hide your teams “snipe” (either Biela or Smartin), and the other team has to go find it. If you take too long, your snipe will chirp and give you a clue as to where they are hidden. We play inside and out, and this has been a great rainy day game!

Photo from Amazon.com

Another favorite game is “Spot It” by Blue Orange Games. They have several versions, but our newest favorite is “Spot It! On the Road”. This is a great family game, for 2-8 players. Adults, you will actually enjoy it too! Even my husband, who self-admittedly doesn’t like playing games, enjoys the Spot It games. I especially like these games because they come in a nice, small tin which keeps things organized (although the lid doesn’t like to stay on this tin for some reason if it gets moved around a lot, which we haven’t had problems with the tin on one other version we have so I can’t explain it).


We love books even more than we love games, and these two are definite favorites!

The first one is just a super lovely book by Chris Van Dusen called “A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee“. The pictures harken back to the 50s, and the sing-songy text flows in such a fun way. The book tells about Mr. Magee and his pup and the excitement of camping and what they come across in their adventure. It is a fun story for adults and kids, and it is one we keep in our camper for book time. All of Chris Van Dusen’s books are fantastic and worth checking out, by the way. We really enjoy them.


The second is one, which we also keep in our trailer, is called “Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping” by Melanie Watts. Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of everything and is always preparing for the very worst, which is very funny. There is always a great lesson in each of the books about how Scaredy overcomes his fears and tries new things…usually because something has gone horribly wrong with his plan and he is forced to. These are fun books and the kids will love them.


I have written about a few of our other favorites for kids already, so check those out if you haven’t too!
CAMP – Travel Game
The Kid’s Guide to Grand Teton National Park
The Original Little Hands Card Holder
Ikea Kusiner Box

A few things we will review in the future:
Lucky Bums Snowshoes (the Lad got them for Xmas and we are waiting for the snow now!)
Swish Jr. Card Game, a great new card game we have just picked up!

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