Three Island Crossing State Park (Glenn’s Ferry, ID)

After leaving Gros Ventre Campground in Jackson, we drove for 7+ hours and landed on the surface of the sun for the last night of our trip. It felt like it at least! Pulling into Three Island Crossing State Parkat 3:30, we were greeted with 104 degree temperatures. I had a feeling this might be one time I wished I had air conditioning in my trailer! Neither of us wanted to get out of the car, but we did, got it unhitched and headed over to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center to enjoy some air conditioning. We got there at 3:55. They were closing at 4:00, but let us come in for a bit to cool off an buy a couple of ice creams.


In our quick walk through, we were able to learn a little more about the area. It is right on the Oregon Trail, and pioneers passed through here in about July on their journey to Oregon. This was the point where they crossed over the Snake River. There are movies and exhibits about the journey and how they made it. It was newly built and really well done. Entrance fees are covered with your camping fee, so it is worth a stop. There is a nice little gift shop inside too.


The campsites are nice and spaced well. Some are more private than others as well. Many are shaded and all come with a fire ring and picnic table. There was a burn ban in effect while we were there, so we were not able to use the ring, plus, it was too hot to have one anyway. The park sprinklers were on, so we spent a couple of hours running through those to cool off. The campground also has flushies, sinks, and showers. Make sure you take soap with you to wash your hands, as that is not provided. The park has lots of hiking trails and a winery next door (can’t beat that!).

We would recommend staying here, but we likely won’t do it again in July or August. It is too hot for this gal! It is a beautiful place though.

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