Grant Village Campground – Yellowstone National Park

The last campground in Yellowstone we stayed at was Grant Village Campground. It is located about 30 minutes from Bridge Bay Campground, and the drive along the lake is lovely. I chose this campground for several reasons. This was the last place we would stop in Yellowstone before heading into Grand Teton National Park, they had showers, a store, and a gas station, which this far into the trip we were starting to run low on supplies and were needing to stock back up. The other benefit is we could get up early and head to GTNP and get our campsite for the next night nice and early in the morning, and hopefully get to stay where we had planned (which was Signal Mountain Campground – no reservations taken in Grand Teton, it is all first come first served). All of that mixed into one, was a great benefit to us!


To the campground! We stayed in spot A11, which is very near the entrance, but staying there was plenty of room between camp sites which made the campground feel smaller and less inhabited than it was. It is a great big campground and it filled up. We were none the wiser. We got there a little before check in time, but the site was ready for us, and we dropped anchor. Around check-in time, there was a line down the road and it was crazy. I was happy to have avoided that!

Like I said, our spots were good size. There were some trees and shrubberies to provide a little shade and privacy. Each spot had a fire ring and picnic table. Our parking spots were little turn outs, and we were able to get our trailer and truck in the spot. If my husband had gone with us, we would have had to park one car down the road. The bathrooms in the campground itself have toilets and sinks (you have to go down the road a bit to get to the showers) and there is a waste water room as well. There is also an amphitheater at the campground for ranger lead talks.


We spent the morning doing laundry at the laundromat on site, then went over and did a little grocery shopping. It is a very small store with basic necessities, and we were able to get what we needed. They also have plenty of souvenirs and ice cream! We refueled and went back to camp to stow things before heading over to the Visitor’s Center.

The Visitor’s Center is beautiful and we spent a good bit of time exploring, having a look at the lake and sitting through one of the better ranger talks on bears (they are all so different, especially depending on which National Park you are visiting).


We decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out, and checked out the Lakehouse. It was ok, but neither of us were raving about our meals. The serve burgers, sandwiches, salads, and that is about it. The view of the lake out the windows was nice though, and lots of families were eating there.

After dinner we headed back to the bath house to get our showers. It was one of the new facilities I saw on the trip, and the line was about 10 minutes long when we got there to get a shower stall. Earlier in the day there was no wait. After getting cleaned up we called it a day as we were going to be getting up early the next morning, and heading for Grand Teton and Signal Mountain Campground.

The campground at Grant Village was nice, and was exactly what we needed for that night. It is more developed than what we usually like, but we would stay again and would recommend it.

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