Bridge Bay Campground – Yellowstone National Park


20130910-205757.jpgAfter changing our reservation from 2 nights at Canyon Campground to 1, we needed another campground where we could drop anchor. After talking to the nice people at the Canyon Reservations desk, they were able to get us a spot at Bridge Bay Campground, which is just across the road from Yellowstone Lake.

The drive between the campgrounds is some of the most stunning you will find in the park. Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center in Canyon Village, where we learned about our next stop, the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”. Pictures never do that view justice, but it is worth the stop, despite the droves of people. We went first to the lower falls (pictured right), and then popped into see the upper falls. The color of the water was incredible especially contrasted against the beige canyon walls.

20130910-205805.jpgAfter the Grand Canyon we made the drive to the Mud Volcano, which was a pretty neat place. It is located in the Hayden Valley, which was filled with loads of wildlife, including the largest herds of bison we had seen on our trip. They liked lazing around the bubbling pools of “mud”. Make sure to have a look at the Dragons Steam too!

Later we checked into our campground, and headed over to Fishing Bridge. We popped into the store for some ice cream, and then headed to their Visitor’s Center and checked out Yellowstone Lake. The lake is enormous and this was probably our favorite visitor’s center in the park. The log cabin feel was awesome and the pile of stuffed animals was my son’s favorite.

The campground is really nice. The sites vary in20130910-205811.jpg what they look like. Some are more meadow like with very little privacy and no shade. We were put in site A28, which was a great spot! We were actually camped up near the volunteer park rangers, so our area was very quiet and we didn’t really endure a huge amount of traffic going by. We were also up in the tree line, which offered shade and a little privacy.


We had a pull through spot, which gave us room to park our trailer and the 2 trucks. The spots have the standard fire ring and picnic table. Bathrooms include toilets and sinks (no showers, they can be found at Fishing Bridge if you need them, which is 10 minutes away), and you have the wash/waste sink like all of the other campgrounds in the park. There is a marina at the campground where boat tours launch from, and boat rentals can be found. There is also an amphitheater at the campground where Ranger talks take place. It was far less buggy than Canyon. Being a big campground, we found it to be quiet and people really kept to themselves.

We were able to do some biking around the campground as well. That was fun!

We would definitely stay here again, and recommend it!

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