Recipe: my version of Pigs (or chickens) in a blanket!

On our Yellowstone trip, I was realizing I had a few things in the fridge that we needed to eat up or toss pretty quick. I had some Aidells Chicken Apple Sausages, some Immaculate Baking Buttermilk Biscuits, and several veggies that were in need of consuming. I decided to get a little creative and mix a few things together. I hadn’t done this at home, and frankly, I am not sure it would even taste as good as it does cooked outside (it might be cause for digging my own fire pit and making this more often!), but it would definitely be worth the try!

I also just made this for another camp out we did last week. I cut them up after cooking and put them out for folks to eat. They got snatched up right quick!

To start with, get your coals ready. For this recipe I used my 12″ Dutch Oven. The first time I made this I was at 7200ft in elevation and extra coals were required. In lower elevations things can be cooked with fewer coals. Just use the handy guide here and you can adjust to where you are. Follow the instructions on the package of biscuits for temperatures and rough cooking times. Also make sure your sausages are fully defrosted (if you have frozen them ahead of time).

Next, take your sausages out of the wrapper and your biscuits out of the tin. When I am camping, I still cook a lot from scratch, but things like this make dinner prep too easy, and clean up is a breeze. Here is what the wrapper looks like for the biscuits in case you want to try this brand. Other brands will work too, but this is my favorite.


I then flatten the biscuits but try to keep their round shape as much as possible. I wrap them around the sausages and pinch the ends that meet together. Then I put them on a sheet of baking paper.


After the coals are ready, I drop them into the Dutch oven and cook. Here is the trick – check them after 5-minutes or so. Chances are the bottom is already golden brown. Turn the whole sausage 90-degrees and cook for 5-minutes (or so). Continue that until all 4 sides are golden and pull them out of the Dutch oven. The sausages should also be warm in the middle by this time. You can use a thermometer to check the internal temp of the sausage if you wish. I like the Aidells brand because they are precooked and I don’t have to worry too much about raw meat. I just have to make sure things are cooked through.


Whip up a salad while things are baking. Once the time is up, pull them out of the Dutch Oven and serve.

As for variations, you can do so much more than what I did. I have thought about all of the different sausages or bits of meat that would work, adding cheese to the mix, whipping up the biscuits from scratch, and maybe even throwing veggies in somehow (once I work that out, I will let you know–for now they will be on the side). All I can say is my kid and husband loved them.

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