Gaming our way – CAMP Travel Version

We seldom “plug in” when we are camping. Even our trailer is usually unplugged (unless we are running low on batteries or decided to splurge for a spot with electric). Camping is our way of getting away from it all and connecting with each other. We do this through several activities like practicing our instruments or taking a bike ride. At night before bed our favorite thing, just before books, is to play a few games. I thought I would start some posts of our favorite games.


This first one is a board game I had never heard of until our trip to Grand Teton National Park. We were wandering around Teton Toys (a fantastic toy store in Jackson Hole, WY), when I came across the travel version of CAMP. It is made by Education Outdoors, a company that “makes games that grow with your kids”. From what we have seen with this game it is true and I am curious about their other games now too! I think we might pick up Snipe Hunt for the Lads birthday.

But let’s get back to CAMP. It came in a little wooden box that folds open and has the board and all the bits you need inside.


The beauty of this game is that it can be played at several levels, all at the same time, for 2-4 players. This makes it not too hard for the smaller set (they say ages 4+), and not too mind-numbingly boring for mom and dad (you all know what I mean…there is that one game you avoid at all costs!). At the start of this trivia based game, you pick your level and put your card out to show which level of difficulty you want to play. The questions on each card are broken out into the 4 levels, and the person/people you are playing with will read that question to you. The answers are hidden behind a secret red section you put under a special decoder. It is pretty neat!


The questions on the cards all all nature based. They ask about state parks and which bird might be a state bird, etc. You learn a lot as you “hike” around the board, trying to get back to your camp. It seems the bridges in the campground you are visiting in this game are not very well maintained because landing on the wrong spot will send you back spaces. You use the spinner to determine your spaces, and everything is very neat and tidy.

We have played it a lot so far, and have tried different levels to keep it interesting. We think other families would really enjoy the game too. We have noticed it is being sold on amazon as well (you don’t have to head to Jackson to buy it, although I am sure you would enjoy yourself there!).

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