Bouncing around like a ball!

My goodness! We are bouncing from trip to trip and it isn’t leaving me much time to do any posting. That is fine though, because we are having lots of fun, and isn’t summer supposed to be packed anyway? We’re getting to see some amazing things and I will start to share more of those when we are home and settled a bit. I figure we only have so much time before the rains set in and we will want to hibernate, so we need to take full advantage of our current weather!

As I had a few minutes today I wanted to post on something that we just tried out this weekend. I have discovered this year that I am allergic to mosquito bites. I get big nasty welts and other ickiness I won’t go into, but we’ll just say it isn’t any fun. I am not too keen on DEET, so I try lots of other things that just don’t seem to help. We tried out the OFF! Clip Ons, but they didn’t seem to do much for me. Apparently, I am just too irresistible to the little buggers! We were looking for anything to give us some relief, especially since I really love to be outdoors.

After making a sizable blood donation to a colony of Mosquitoes at Mossyrock last weekend, my husband brought up a new device he had been researching. I was skeptible, but was willing to try it out. He found the Thermacell Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellant Device on Amazon and bought it. Reviews were mixed (either really good or really bad, but there was a lot more good than bad.) As it was about $17 he decided it was worth the try.

Picture comes from the Thermacell Website

The device is about 8″ long and just under 11oz, so it is really lightweight and easy to carry around. The butane canister the device runs off lasts 12 hours and is easily replaced. Each replaceable pad that emits the scent to defend you will last you 4 hours (you won’t smell a thing though!). The pad changes from blue to white, and when it is completely white you know it is time to make a change.

If there isn’t too much of a breeze, the radius covered is anywhere from 10-15 feet, so you can put it on the picnic table and your whole family is protected. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked for us. We even noticed a reduction in the number of black flies and a few other bugs that were giving us a little bit of a hard time. It allowed us to enjoy the time outside visiting with our friends in comfort, and there isn’t much better than that.

We definitely recommend this and will be sure to take it with us on every camping trip! Check them out if you are irresistible too!

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