Back with something new!

We just got back yesterday from a 2100 mile adventure to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I am exhausted, but we have so much good stuff coming! New recipes, campground reviews, new activities, and more! For now, I thought I would let you know about a new favorite thing I just got!

Before our trip I had been using my Skull Candy Pipe speakers, and they weren’t working very well but were still working. I started looking into a new small speaker system, and settled on the Beacon Phoenix. The Clymb had them on sale, but I found them $10 less on Amazon and was offered free shipping. All of the reviews looked good on them. I placed my order, but time was too tight for them to arrive before we left on our trip. It was like my Pipe knew I was looking to replace it, during our trip, even with fresh batteries it was terrible listening and was really struggling. I turned it off and put it away.

When I got home a box was waiting for me. I opened it up and plugged the speaker in to charge. I thought the size was perfect (it will easily fit in our cupboards or I can toss it in a bag and take it with me), it charges through a USB cable (which is much easier for us when we are are the road and don’t plug in or go off grid), and it is Bluetooth! Yah! These were 3 big advantages over my other speakers. It is really easy to use and seems really sturdy. It also comes in several colors so you have a choice there too!


I have been listening to it this morning, using my iPhone to stream the music, and it is fantastic. It is much louder than my Pipe. The sound quality is better, and the Bluetooth works flawlessly. This has become my new favorite speaker, and the Pipe is being taken out of my trailer ASAP. It is a shame it only lasted 2 years. Hopefully this new speaker will give me a longer life span. We will test it on our next camping trip this weekend, but I have no doubts it will be great!

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