Arches National Park (UT)

We visited Arches National Park on Halloween day 2010, and it was amazing. It was someplace we had always wanted to check out and as we were on our way home from Wisconsin figured it was worth heading a bit south for. We were not wrong! We had about 4 hours that day to devote to the park, before moving on to our next location. We wanted to stay longer, much longer, but our schedule and time frame wasn’t as flexible. We had people waiting on us.

We got there kind of early in the morning so we could maximize the time we did have. we stopped at the fee both and showed our National Park Pass. The Ranger gave us loads of information and maps to help us newbies navigate our way through the park. The park offers loads of hiking and exploring, both short stints, or longer treks. We didn’t get to see all of Arches, but we did 2 hikes. 1 longer, to see Delicate Arch and 1 shorter that took us to Double Arch…that was all my 3-year old could handle before nap time and before we needed to hit the road. To see where we hiked and to see a full map of the park, click here.

At the time, Laddy was nearly 3 and just way too young to participate in the Jr. Ranger program. The next time we go, he will do it though. The Arches website has a section devoted to kids and learning about the area. There is also a list of short hikes, perfect for the wee ones!

There is lots of camping available, but we chose to stay just down the road from the front gate at the Moab Valley RV Resort. A great campsite, and it has a pool and hot tub as well as little cabins (in case you don’t want to camp). We really liked the site and it was very family friendly. We ended up getting my mom a little cabin and we slept out front in Dottie. It was nice because it was game day, and we wanted to watch our Oregon Ducks!

Next time though we will likely find something in or around Arches NP. One resource I will use is the
Camping Info directly from the Arches Website. It gives several campground suggestions and information about them.

If you aren’t already jazzed by all of the research you have probably done, you might also want to check out this Visitor’s Guide. It will give you all of the happenings and things to plan, as well as contact information, hours of operation, maps, and much more. You can also get lots of info through the Travel Utah website.

I look forward to traveling back and spending more time exploring in the future. We have been seeing lots of ads on tv lately about the 5 National Parks in Utah, and Laddy has been asking to go back. I have to admit, it looks really tempting and I am ready!

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