Recipe: Pasta with avocado, sweet grape tomatoes, mozzarella, & bacon

I am sure by now, you are starting to wonder about my recipes. It seems most of them has avocado in it. I am going to admit right here and now, that I have a problem. I am completely addicted to avocado. I love them. I love them with pasta, or in salads, in sandwiches or just on their own (with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, just to add to the decadence and good fats). I love their color, I love their flavor, I love how healthy they are, and I love how they keep me full longer. They also travel well for us!

Here is another recipe using avocados. This is one I make at home too, either in smaller quantities for lunch or bigger pot for dinner.

First of all, save some bacon from breakfast (make extra if possible!). This might be impossible, because it really is soooo good. If you can’t save any, bring along some Real Bacon Bits. I find these handy in cases where I either haven’t made bacon for breakfast or I could not keep my family from eating all of it! I try to use it only on occasion, because we make an effort to not eat nitrites and nitrates, and they have them. Plus, REAL real bacon tastes better! You could also use left over grilled chicken or steak or anything meaty, if you like meat. The beauty of this recipe is it’s flexibility!

Put on a pot of water and once that is boiling throw in the pasta you like. I love big pasta that allows some of the veg and bacon to get inside (conchiglie are my absolute favorites!).


While the water is starting to boil, chop the bacon/meat into small pieces (if you are using the real stuff), cut up 1/2 to 1 avocado, wash your grape tomatoes (if it is just me I throw in a handful+), and drain your mozzarella (if it is just me I use about 5 balls). I like to use the small mozzarella balls called boconccini. If you only have access to the larger versions, just cut or tear them up into bite sized pieces. Buffalo mozzarella is a wonderful treat (I use it occasionally as it is more expensive, but it adds a lovely flavor you don’t get from the regular versions). All of the quantities are adjustable to how many people are eating. You can also add other veg like broccoli, fresh green beans, corn, peas, carrots, etc! Put it all in a bowl and give it a toss. You can add a little extra-virgin olive oil to keep things from sticking together.



By now your pasta should be cooked. Pull it off the heat and drain it. Add it to your veg and give it a toss, drizzle a little Extra-Virgin Olive Oil over the top, season with salt and pepper to taste, and dig in! Feel free to toss in some chopped Italian parsley too!


It should take about 15 minutes to make and will keep you full for hours, plus, you only have used one pot, and clean up is quick!

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