Recipe: East meets West Cold Noodle Salad

This is an easy recipe I make all of the time at home, thanks to my sister-in-law for introducing me to the idea! I am going to be taking it on the road with me this summer on our camping trips.

Before I leave home I am going to make the dressing in a jam jar (so I can seal it up and not have to worry about leaking in the cooler). My dressing turns out different all of the time. The rough measurements are as follows (adjust to your taste):

1/2c Soy Sauce
1/4c Mirin
1/4c Rice Vinegar
4tbsp Roasted Sesame Oil
1.5-2tsp Sugar

Put everything in the jar, and give it a good shake before every use. It should last in a fridge for 5-ish days. I have a fridge I use camping, so I will follow those guidelines. Use precautions based on how cold you can keep things.

Then, when I am on the road, all I have to do is the following!

Boil the fresh chow mein noodles for 2-ish minutes. I like these Annie Chun’s Freshpak noodles best, but you can use any chow mein noodles. I find them in the refridgerator area in my supermarket with the other fresh noodles.


While the water is coming to a boil, start chopping up half a large cucumber, cube half an avocado, and tear up some prosciutto. Sometimes I even throw some sweet grape tomatoes on as well.

Once the noodles are cooked, drain them, and run them under cold water, until they are cool. It shouldn’t take long at all. Put them in a bowl, put all of your chopped veggies and prosciutto over the top, and pour some dressing over the top.


Kick back and enjoy!

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