A little cute for the galley!

In the past, I have kept the toothbrushes in a basket in the cabin of our trailer, along with the toothpaste and a load of other toilettries, which lead to digging and searching and trying to find them every night. They are always hiding in the very back. I am pretty sure they have legs. No really, they do.

One trip to the grocery store had me stopping in my tracks. I came across these little darlings:

t-brush holders

These are the Kikkerland Suction Cup Toothbrush Holders. Laddy really likes ladybugs (or as we call them around here Ladybirds) and the color red is his favorite, so naturally I thought he would want that one. No. He wants mama’s owl. I am not budging on that one. They come in loads of different animals, and each one is more adorable than the next. Plus being $2.99 at the store wasn’t going to break my bank. So, being the good mama I am, I picked up the bee for him instead, which he has decided he is perfectly fine (daddy gets the Ladybird, win-win for everyone, and daddy likes ladybirds). holders-001

I have attached them to a wall in my galley (near the sink for ease) with another favorite item, museum putty! A little ball at the back of the holder and it sticks to the wood far better than the included suction cups would. I use this for most of my “sticking” needs – it is awesome stuff! It pulls off without leaving a trace, which keeps the wood in the galley looking nice if I change my mind later, or Laddy gets to big for his bee holder. It is bound to happen, but I will delay it as long as I can!


If I can mix cute with my organization, I am going to do it!

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