Campground: Antlers RV Park & Campground, CA

The first week of May we joined up with 173 other teardrops for the 20th Annual DAM Gathering of the Tears at Lake Shasta. Word on the street says we might have broken at least a US record, if not a world record, for the largest tear drop gathering ever. No telling, but it was tons of fun!


All of us stayed at an RV resort right on the banks of the lake. It reminded me a lot of some of the state parks we stay at and not an RV resort. The place is called Antlers RV Park and Campground, and with that many teardrops and tiny travel trailers, we pretty much took over the entire place.

Laddy will tell you his two favorite things were the playground and the pool. Yep, a pool at a campground! We don’t splurge on campgrounds with pools normally (plus, most places in the NW don’t have them since our warm and dry season is so short), so this was a great treat. We were surprised it was open being so early in their season, but so grateful it was because it was HOT down there! One day got up over 100 degrees, which isn’t the norm the first week of May.


Now our conditions were different than usual here as we were packed in tight. I shared a campsite with another teardrop (some friends who have the same type of teardrop we do), but the spots were so spacious we didn’t feel like we were on top of each other. I was also not expecting a lot of privacy, so it didn’t really bother me that there wasn’t much in the way of foliage. There were trees which helped provide a little shade. Many spots provided water and electric, a fire pit, a picnic table, and concrete pad. There were also tent spots, and some spots were more rustic without power or water. We paid a flat rate with the group, but here is a link to prices for you. They also post pictures of each spot in the park on their website. This is super helpful in finding a spot you like the looks of before you get there!


The park is broken up into 2 sections. There is an “upper section” and a “lower section”. Here is a link to their map. A good part of the lower section, near the office, is more of a meadow like area. The first night we learned a solid and painful lesson, there are far fewer mosquitos in the Meadow area in the early season than the more wooded sections of the park. Man, were they thick! The first night we were in the upper section, and the next 4 nights we spent in the meadow and did much better. The lower section also has a wooded area, and a few of the spots there are more private and suffered from a similar fate as the upper wooded section. There are two bathhouses with flushies and showers in the lower section. There is 1 bathhouse with flushies and showers in the upper section. All were adequate and the showers are not coin-op like many in California.

I should also mention there is a train line that goes through the area. It is VERY active. We found the train not to be as loud when we stayed in the lower section. It was very loud, especially at night, in the upper section.

The playground is located in the lower section. It was a basic playground with a wooden structure, swings, tubes to climb through, and included a basketball court and area to run around. The kids kept themselves busy playing all day. We have a new biker in the family, and even though we had bikes, they didn’t get much use. Many of the roads are paved, but are really rough, gravelly and uneven with speed bumps, which made things really hard for someone who has just had the training wheels taken off. More advanced riders should not have as much of an issue.

The campground is right on the banks of the Sacramento arm of Lake Shasta and a short walk will take you to the shore. Across the road is the Antlers Marina where they have boats for rent if you are interested.

The park is also not far from the highway (only about 1.5-2 miles), which makes it easy to stop here when just passing through. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and take pride in maintaining their campground. We will stay here again the next time we are are passing through, or for the next gathering!

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