Recipe: Apple Gorgonzola Proscuitto Pizza

We got back almost 2 weeks ago from a camping trip, and I got knocked down with a really nasty stomach bug. The bright side of that down time was that I came up with a few new blog posts! I am getting started with this one.

I created this recipe here at home, and then modified it slightly to do while camping. I love making pizzas in the Dutch oven. They are versatile, filling, and easy. Plus the kids can join in and help put things on that they want to eat (and usually they eat a little better that way too – just make sure hands are washed REALLY well before touching ingredients!).

I really love Trader Joes pizza dough, or I like to pick up the organic one from my local grocery. I freeze them and keep them in the bottom of the cooler until I am ready to use them. This works out great!

First things first, get the coals heating up. Then start pre-heating your Dutch oven. I follow the heat guidelines on the dough packet.

I let the dough defrost and rise per the instructions on the packet, and then hand stretch the dough into a shape that will fit well in my Dutch oven. I also put it on parchment paper which makes it easy to put in and take out of the Dutch oven and also makes clean up a breeze.


Then I add a sprinkling of extra-virgin olive oil and season lightly with salt.


I sprinkle the Gorgonzola cheese over the top, and try to make it as even as possible.


Next I add the Proscuitto. I like to tear it up into pieces so that it is easier to eat later.


I put my thinly sliced apples over the top of that. You could also use pears and have a very good outcome.


Carefully put into the hot Dutch oven and let bake.


I find my bake times are a bit longer than the package suggests while I am camping. I start checking it around 10 minutes. I also like my crust crispy. The apples should be nice and soft though.


I shared with my fellow campers and all were either really nice and just told me they liked it, or they really did. Enjoy!

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    1. This was in my 12″ DO. I used half the packet of dough for this pizza, just to give an idea of size. I cooked the whole pack of dough in 2 batches (2 different pizzas). It does go fast, and I didn’t have to work too hard to get others to try it either! 🙂

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