Clean blow up fun!

Ok, let’s get our minds out of the gutter when it comes to blow up accessories, because I have a good one for you! And it is something that families or individuals can use.

One day while I was reading one of my favorite camping forums, I came across a post about these new lights that had come out. They were inflatable, solar powered, waterproof, and the company was not only selling them to folks with electricity, but giving them away to folks who need lighting. This not only intrigued me, but ticked all of my boxes, and then some!

Enter the LuminAID Light!


After reading about the lights and the company, I was quick to order 3. One for each car and one for the teardrop. The lights themselves sell for $19.95, but they have a couple of different options if you want to donate light too. We’ll get to that below!

This inflatable light folds up to nearly the size of an iPhone and is super light weight – without a carabiner added, the light weighs a mere 3 ounces (PS-it does not come with the clip, but we found some cheap carabiners at the hardware store). Inflated, it is about the size of a child’s pillow.


It has two settings, low or high, and takes about 5 hours for the battery to reach a full charge. Reaching full charge is fairly easy – even when hiking. Clip it on to your pack and walk! The lights are said to last 8 hours on one charge, but we haven’t left ours on that long.


Being inflatable has several advantages. First, it spreads light out a little better and creates good ambiant light. Second, use on or around boats or water is worry free. Lastly, it packs up nice and small, making it ideal to keep in your car, pack, camper, or emergency kit in case of disaster.


So here is the really cool part. These lights were originally created to give people who have been through emergency or disaster situations light. They were also designed to give people with no electricity (or light through expensive, toxic means, i.e. kerosene) a safer form of light. The Give Light, Get Light page on their website explains how you can buy lights for yourself, gifting lights to people who need them. To read more about this program, click here. To buy lights, click here to be directed to their store.

We really love ours and highly recommend them!

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