Always prepared…and smelling of espresso?

We are weeks away from our first camping trip of the season, and I am getting antsy. Luckily my husband understands, and even only barely rolled his eyes one night when I wanted to sleep in our trailer after we put her in the garage. I know, I am crazy. Don’t you ever just want to pitch a tent in the backyard and have a home campout? Same deal!

That being said, I have started to pull together a few things I have been wanting to sort out before our trip. We have several first aid kits in the trailer and car. I wouldn’t say I am accident prone, more that I am “adventurous” (although I have been banned from all axes…luckily I am still trusted with hatchets!). I also have a 5-year-old, and we know how they are! I wanted a simple, water tight first aid kit to keep on hand in my galley. Water tight is important, because when it is pouring with rain, water can blow in and render all bandages completely useless. Just what you need when things have gotten a little “too exciting”!

My coffee cans are super sturdy and I have been pondering different uses for them, and came up with this snazzy idea.

Give the can a good wash out and dry it completely.

Collect all of the things you think you might want in your kit. Like I said, this is mainly for things that are going to happen around our campsite, so I picked a few of our most commonly needed items.


I started filling the can from the outside in, placing gauze, bandaids and flat items around the edge. I then put more of the small, round items in the middle.


I put my squashables on top (you know, things like cotton balls), that fill in the rest of the gap.


Throw on the lid and you are almost ready to go. I made sure to put a big cross on the top, just so I reach for the right can!


And the very last thing I did, put a list of stuff that is inside the can on the side. I am on the brink of 40, and my memory isn’t what it was. What were we talking about again? Oh, right!


I am still going to make one adjustment to it. I need to add a thick tape to the inside edge where I peeled the metal lid off. No sense cutting myself, trying to get into the first aid kit. Talk about adding insult to injury!

This week (hopefully) I will get to making our fire-starters. I will post on that when they are done!

Yeah! Can’t wait to get camping!

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