Summer planning has begun!

I start getting the itch to get back out camping about 2 weeks after I have finished winterizing our sweet little Dottie. That puts us in October usually, and by this time of year, I start watching weather forecasts to see if I might be able to sneak in a trip.

I also start filling up the calendar with places I want to go. This year we are checking out 2 new National Parks!


I have my reservations made at a few campsites, some others we will just have to get there in time with our fingers crossed! Laddy and I can’t wait to see all of it!

I have never been to either of these locations and I am stoked to check them out. We saw a few geysers in Iceland last year and are excited to check out what Yellowstone has to offer. We are also looking forward to checking out the scenery and history in Jackson Hole and the Tetons. I would love to be there right now for some skiing too! Maybe one day!

I was trying to tie this trip in with Glacier National Park and Banff, but it was turning into an epic journey! Plus we need a special place for next year, and I think those spots would be perfect!

We have several locations in our heads for Northwest camping too. Nothing on the books just yet. I was looking at some places in the Mt. Hood area and considering Central Oregon, as well as Fort Stevens on the Coast. School might start in September for Laddy, but I have a feeling we will be out on the weekends even then.

So many places, so little time!



This book was a fantastic travel guide to take with us. As I have found with all of the Moon Guides ( they have become my favorites for camping), this gave insider information, lots of tips and tricks, plenty of information to help us plan our days, and suggestions for things we hadn’t considered. While it doesn’t beat talking directly to a local, it is a very close second. I would highly recommend the book if you are looking at a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, which I think everyone should do. You can see our itinerary here to also help your travel plans.

4 thoughts on “Summer planning has begun!

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  1. Heyya All,
    At Yellowstone right now, West entrance. Photo trip, rented a Snow Cat moved around, just Snow Cats an Snowmobiles… that’s it. Not too much snow, but day way sunny and clear.
    Heading up to North Entrance tomorrow after doing some other Geysers.. Beautiful if weather cooperates… heheh, could be ugly if not..

    Next on schedule is the OLY Peninsula Loop, Deschutes & waterfalls, Oregon coast and eastern OR, and SE Utah…
    See ya on the road…
    fun.. eh??? heheh…

  2. Hi – Just ordered a TD from and expect it soon (May) and can’t wait to camp (not in a tent) – great blog and TTNT is a great resource too!!

    1. Hi Tim!

      Thanks for your comment! Enjoy your Little Guy! They are great little trailers! You will have a great time!

      I checking out several of the forums pretty often, so thanks for the suggestion. That is one I go to from the to time!

      Happy Camping!

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