In the clear and in the dark!

These last few months have been a little stressful around here, and I fell off the face of the blogosphere. Now that I have been given a clean bill of health (big exhale and “YAHOOO” right here!), I can devote a little more headspace to the blog again. Plus, lately I have simply been pining to be outside with our weather.  I have started planning trips for this summer, and plan to spend a lot of time camping. I can’t wait! I will have lots to share, and the ‘info gathering’ is going to be the best part! I am hoping to check out lots of new campgrounds, both in Oregon, and at a couple of our National Parks. I am also hoping to get to a couple of gatherings too (that is what we call it when a bunch of teardrops camp together, kind of like a gaggle of geese!).

Until then, I thought I would share another favorite with you. I use this both at home and while camping. My Bucky Eye Shades is one of my ‘can’t leave home without it’ items. I am a person who is up with the sun, and if I can’t delay daylight a little bit, my days tend to be really long. The eye shades are really comfortable for my face and block out all light. They also come with a little pocket that holds ear plugs, which can be really handy (and they don’t get lost!).


They come in several colors and Bucky has some other styles now too, which I haven’t tried (they look great too). When I left my Bucky Eye Shade on one of my flights last summer, I couldn’t wait to get a new pair (didn’t realize how much I loved them until I lost them!). I highly recommend Bucky’s Eye Shades, especially if you want to sleep a little later in the morning! Now, if I could figure out how to install a snooze button on the 5-year-old!

Oh, and one last thing – back in November we did a long weekend in Astoria, Oregon. We were not camping, but had been sent over with Trekaroo and we did a lot of exploring. I had my eyes peeled for places I wanted to camp, and I found some places we will be checking out, for sure! My blog post went live this January, and you can read it here.

More soon! I promise!

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  1. Yah, weather has been a little tough lately. I’m seeing more sun, bits & Pieces that is, so should be getting better each week. Planning on several trips, the Falls along Columbia river, Deschutes SP, Oregon coast loop, the “Zip-Dip-Sip” and the sand dunes so plenty scheduled for your neck of the woods, plus Easter OR as My friend just got a Travel Trailer, lives in Winnemucca and East Or is about the middle point. Photos as they happen, but a lot going on down there, LOL.. and river rafting in Canada, BC. sigh, so many places…. so little time eh???

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