Iceland Anyone?

Back in September we made a trip to Europe to visit my husband’s family. We spent most of our time in England, but due to the routing of our flights, we were going to have a layover in Reykjavik. After thinking about it for a half second, we decided we should probably get out and have a little look around. Iceland is a place I had always wanted to see, at least once, and I was getting my opportunity!

When we got back, Tekaroo asked me if I would write a blog post about our favorite things in Iceland. Well, my blog post went live yesterday!

If you are interested in reading it, the link is below. We had a lot of fun, and now know what we would do again or do differently next time. Each of these things would be on our “again” list!


Reykjavik With Kids


3 thoughts on “Iceland Anyone?

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  1. Yep, Iceland keep “popping up” on things to do… diving, Volcanoes, and a lot of other things that are starting to make it a destination place.. Interesting….

  2. Hi – I’m a Trekaroo-er also and found your Iceland blog on Trekaroo (also left a message for you there.) We’re thinking about a trip to Iceland this summer with our three kids and had some questions I was hoping you wouldn’t mind entertaining…hotel, car rental, length of stay etc. Would you be up for communicating via email so I can run some questions by you? Thanks so much in advance!!

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