Oregon Camping – A camping Bible!

As the rainy season has set upon us, I have started planning my excursions for next summer. It is my way of getting through the grey and having something to look forward to on the other side. My light at the end of the tunnel, if you will!

In my planning, I usually pull out my ‘Oregon Camping – The Complete Guide to Tent and RV Camping’ by Tom Steinstra. This is my go to for all camping in the state.


The book is a fun read and the author has a great sense of humor. Telling stories of his own camping trips with friends, what to watch out for, things to pack, camping safety, and even how to make your own jerky!

The layout of the book is very easy to navigate. It is broken up into sections, based on region (i.e. the Oregon Coast, The Southern Cascades, etc). Each section then has individual maps of the locations, showing where each campground is. They are numbered, so you can easily find the campground write up, which includes a ‘scenic’ rating (on a scale of 1-10), which facilities are available, reservations and fees, directions on how to get there, and contact information.

The author has also made several lists for each region. Things like “most scenic”, “best wild-life viewing”, etc.


;;” target=”_blank”>Amazon has the book for about $13, and let’s you have a sneak peak inside. I like this book so much I am also asking for the Washington book for the next gift giving holiday, and have been looking to the same publisher for books for my next big trip.

The Oregon book is not available for Kindle, but I have the California Camping book by the same author, and was able to download that to my Kindle. After having the two books, I prefer the paper version. I feel like it is easier to flip between maps and descriptions than on my device, I can also make different notes on pages and ear mark pages easier. That being said, I sure like not having the extra weight of 2 books to pack along, and I like to bring my reader with me anyway.

If you are camping in the Northwest, and specifically Oregon, this is a book you shouldn’t be without!

Happy camping!

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