Wirlwind coming in for a landing!

We haven’t been doing a lot of camping lately, unfortunately. On the bright side, we have been having lots of adventures! Whew, are we tired!

We made a trip to Europe to visit my husband’s family this month. I bought a few things to keep Laddy occupied in the plane, on trains, in the car and such. Small things, but things to make it easier for all of us.

One of the things I picked up was The Original Little Hands Card Holder by Gamewright. We love to play cards, and Laddy says he is an Uno Master these days (he beats my husband handily, but has only been able to beat me once…have to keep him humble!).

This card holder is fantastic and inexpensive. We picked it up at our local toy store for about $5.  The child can hold their own cards and keep them hidden from wandering parent’s eyes.  The cards slide in and out easily, and the handle is really easy for little hands to hold on to.  This has reduced frustration on Laddy’s part too…no more dropping cards all over.

This will definitely be packed into our trailer for camping season. We play a lot of cards when we are camping, and it is small enough to fit in our games bin.  A definite favorite!

Thinking about it, this may be a game changer around here. We’ll see if he wins against me more often!

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