New Favorite! Skullcandy Pipe Speaker!

One thing I really have fallen for, is my Skullcandy Pipe Speaker. I bought it through a special offer website for half the price. I wasn’t sure how the quality would be, but Skullcandy has a decent reputation, so I thought I would take my chances (first photo is from the website).


The first thing I love about it, is it’s size. It fits perfectly in my small cupboard, just in front of my small organization boxes. I unplug it from my iPhone and pop it in, quick as can be.


I really like that I can run it off the 4 AAA batteries, and they last for a while. The sound starts to turn bad as the batteries wear out, but it is pretty good when they are fresh. When I have the trailer plugged in, I can plug the speakers in, and avoid using the batteries. When it is not plugged in, I move it from the galley, while I am cooking, to the table when we start to eat. We also like to plug it into iPads for special movie nights.

It is so simple to use. There is one switch on the back, to turn it on. There is a toggle button on the front to adjust the volume. And that is it. It comes with a small remote also. I haven’t needed to use it, but it is so tiny, it stows really easy too, and I can grab when I do need it.

Also, for the price I got it for, I will be a little disappointed if something happens to it (I will have to find something else), but it won’t be the end of the world.

It is no Bose Sound System, but the sound is decent, and plenty good enough for me while camping. It is working very well for us!

You can buy them from and through the Skullcandy website.

My Skullcandy Pipe Speaker has stopped working and I have recently replaced it with a new speaker. Click here for my review!

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  1. One of the speakers stopped working on mine. I didn’t abuse it or anything, it just stopped working. How do I send it back? I checked the skullcandy website but I can’t figure out how to send it in and trade it for a new one. Help is much appreciated! Thx!

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