Lodge Dutch Ovens – Definitely a favorite!

There is nothing better than cinnamon rolls when camping, and I love to bring them with us. I needed a way to make them either “off-grid” or without our super loud generator (which I really don’t like traveling with, and won’t bring when it is just me and Laddy…tooooooo loud and difficult!). Enter the Lodge Dutch Oven (aka DO)! I have the 12″ for the 3 of us. One day I will invest in an 8″, which is great for smaller meals and fewer people. My DO is one of my favorite camping items.

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

It is as simple as starting a set number of coals, and then placing them strategically on the top and bottom of the DO. I use a charcoal chimney to get things started so I don’t need to bring along lighter fluid. The number of coals depends on what you are making (baking, stewing, broiling, etc.), which size DO you have, and at which temperature you need to cook. It might sound complicated, but it is quite simple. Here is a handy link to a temperature chart. Simply read your recipe for the temperature at which the item should cook, and match that up with the DO size. The chart will tell you how many total coals you need, how many to put in a circle under the DO, and how many go on the lid. Then cook. I find it takes things a little longer to cook, but they are worth the wait! Usually at the time it should finish, is when I start checking on things.

Temperature Chart for Dutch Ovens

We have done cinnamon rolls, buttermilk biscuits, pizza, cobblers, and scones. I think I might try some chili on my next trip! One tip I learned from a friend: put a piece of parchment paper in the bottom (add just a little spray of oil on the DO to hold the paper in place and to season your DO), and this not only helps lift out whatever you, but makes clean up a breeze!

The raw cinnamon rolls. I will write a review soon about my favorite brand (Immaculate Baking Co.!). Notice the parchment paper. I used 2 pieces here, but you only need 1 piece for cinnamon rolls.

Waiting for the baking to finish!

Finished rolls! Just need the icing!

Our pizza (we lovingly call this one Pizza the Hut). It looks a little pale because Laddy doen’t like tomato sauce. We spread the pizza dough out, add a little olive oil, ground garlic, and a parm/asiago cheese blend and bake. We usually cut it into strips. Fast bread sticks! Laddy likes to help sprinkle the cheese on.

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