OR – Tillamook Cheese Factory Visitor’s Center (Tillamook)


I can’t speak for all locals, but I am a huge fan of the Tillamook products.  We love their cheese and their yogurts, and who can pass up ice cream when you are having a day at the beach? 

A fun activity when you are in the Tillamook area, is to head to the cheese factory.  They explain the process of how the cheese is made and how they package it and ship it.  You can sit there and watch the production lines in action, which is pretty interesting. It kept the boys entertained for a good 20 minutes (and that was just standing there, watching what everyone was doing!).

Watching the production line and the cheese packing.

The production line. We loaf you too, Tillamook!

There is a store where you can buy all of their products and a nice ‘cafeteria style’ eating area (there are lots of choices of things to eat, most of which involve some sort of dairy).  The kids will be in heaven!  Generally, we stop in just for the ice cream.  It is some of the best around and there are lots of flavors to chose from.
This can easily kill a couple of hours (if you include lunch).  The tour is self-guided, so you are not trapped into staying longer than is interesting for you.
The bathrooms were clean and had changing tables.  The water for washing hands was warm (always a plus on colder beach days!).

Definitely check it out, if you get a hankerin’!  There are free samples!

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