OR – Enchanted Forest (Salem)


Rates:  adults – $10.25, Seniors/kids – $9.25, kids under 2 – free!

Open seasonally, so check website for schedule.

Enchanted Forest is a right of passage for all kids in Oregon. We all go here at least once in our lives during the summer (they are closed for a good chunk of the year, when the weather is nasty). 

The park has several different areas for people of all ages. There is the nursery rhyme area for the younger set, haunted houses and an old west town, rollercoasters for older ‘kids’ in one area, and small rides for younger kids in another. You can pan for “treasure”, walk through an old English village, and there is even a little water and light show. 

The kids will like all of that stuff, but as an adult, going back, what you learn is one man started the whole thing on his own, and gradually built more and more of it. Different areas were added at different times, and it was all because 1 person decided there weren’t enough activities for families in Salem. Pretty amazing! 

We had a great day there. I think my son’s favorite thing was the bumper boat ride and the little remote control ships. He also enjoyed the rollercoaster. 

Food was little to be desired, but they did offer various things from hot dogs, to sandwich wraps, pizza and bagels. Prices were fair too. 

A definite must stop for the wee ones in the summer and is very close to Silver Falls State Park!


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