Carter Lake (Florence)…p;parkCode=carl

On our 2 week trip, we had made a reservation at Carter Lake. I found the site in my Oregon Camping book and it came highly recommended.

Pulling in, I got a little uneasy about the place, as it was just me and Laddy. The first thing I noticed was that the hosts spot was vacant. No hosts anywhere to be found. I usually like to know where the hosts are located, in case I need some help.

The second thing was, somehow, everyone was camping on the other side of the campground, and I had found us a space all on our own. It felt like a long walk to the bathrooms too (I had chosen site 14). There was only one set of bathrooms, and they were decent with flushies and sinks. It also seemed like a lot of college guys and not a lot of other women, which made me think another location might be better. And we would have to walk past the college guys each time we needed the restroom.

Laddy had a similar hunch, so we got back in the car and went to a location we knew was safe.

This campground is really pretty. There is access to the dunes, and the lake has a nice swimming area, as well as fishing, and the biggest swarms of Mosquitos I have ever seen. Many of the spots seemed quite private, and the spots along the lake had these neat, sunken eating areas, right on the water. I understand it can be very popular, so reservations are handy during those times…there were lots of spots when we were there!

On my own, I would give it a thumbs down, just because I didn’t feel safe.
If my husband had been there, I would probably really like it and give it a thumbs up.

It is very close to Florence, and is part of the Oregon Dunes Recreation area.

I forgot to take pictures, so I apologize! Oh, and spot 14 had some weird leveling things going on with it, so if you pick that one, just be prepared.

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