OR – Yaquina Head Outstanding Area (Newport)


Before we left Newport, during an over-night tip, we decided to head to Yaquina Head Outstanding area and have a look at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  This ended up being one of our favorite things.  It is $7 per car to get in, but this gives you 3-days of visits. One regret was that we did this the day we were leaving – we should have gone straight there! 


The light house is beautiful and stands 93 feet tall, making it Oregon’s tallest lighthouse.  You can climb the stairs to the top (if you are taller than 42″…the Lad was turned away at 41″).  Get there early though, because the line can get long.  The nice thing is, while you are waiting in line, a history of the lighthouse is told to you by one of the park rangers.  And the lighthouse does have a history as it has been an active light house since 1872. 

The stairs to the top of the lighthouse

There is an interpretive center that you can check out on your way down to the lighthouse.  We checked it out while waiting out a rain storm.  They had fun games for kids to play that reflected the era the light house was built.  They also talk about the building of the lighthouse and restorations that have been done to the buildings.  There is a history of the area, what life was like as a lighthouse keeper, and much more.

There are several hiking trails in the ‘Outstanding Area’.  This is a great place to whale watch during Whale watching season and gives you amazing views up and down the coast.  The hikes are easy to moderate and not very long, making them good for kids.

We will be heading back there, once the lad is 42+” tall, and spend more time there, and we recommend it to other families as well!

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