OR – Oregon Coast Aquarium (Newport)

2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport, OR


General Admission Rates (includes admission to all exhibits):

  • Adults (Ages 18-64): $15.95
  • Seniors (Ages 65+): $13.95
  • Young Adults (Ages 13-17): $13.95
  • Children (Ages 3-12): $9.95
  • Infants & Toddlers (Ages 0-2): Free

Winter Hours
The day after Labor Day through Memorial Day
10am – 5pm daily

Summer Hours
Start of Memorial Day weekend (Saturday) through Labor Day
9am – 6pm daily



On a trip to Newport, we wanted to get out as much as possible, but it was March, and the rainy season, so we had a couple of places that were indoors that we wanted to check out while it was wet outside.  The Oregon Coast Aquarium was one place we ducked into during a downpour.  Part of the aquarium is outdoors, so we stayed inside with the rain, and went out to see things when the weather settled down.  There were little nooks and crannies to dunk into if needed too.

Aquariums are one of our favorite things, and this one is good, but on the smaller side of what we are used to.  They have many specicies that you would find in Oregon, along with a tidal pool where you can ‘pet’ the starfish and sea anenomes.  This was a favorite spot for the lad.  It really lets you get up close and personal with creatures you might not otherwise be able to! 

There was also a beautiful display of jelly fish.  With the way they can sting, it is nice to see them behind some glass.

The seals and otters tend to be one of the biggest draws (after the tidal pool petting area).  There are feeding times for them which are always fun to watch because they get really active (before the feedings, they were just kind of laying there).  If you are going to watch the feeding, make sure you get there early and get a spot where you can see into the larger swimming areas.  That is where the main events happen.  The crowd gets deep and kids end up on shoulders, so it can be really hard to see.

There are several exhibits on sea birds and turkey vultures, various fish, and a favorite is always the giant Pacific octopus.  The octopus is always amazing to see, and so massive.  At the old aquarium, they made a habit of getting out of their enclosure and taking a wander around the place.  Since they have moved to this aquarium, I understand the security is a little tighter when it comes to the octopus. 

They have an underwater tunnel to walk through with sharks swimming all around you.  On your way into the building that houses the tunnel, they had a really great exhibit on sea garbage when we were there.  There were all sorts of sculptures made of different things that had been collected off our beaches.  It was really amazing and made you think about your consumption.

All in all, we highly recommend the place.  There are various places to get coupons for discounted admissions.  We used one from our Chinook Book, and I believe other coupon books also have coupons as well.

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