Silver Falls State Park (Silverton)

The lad and I spent 2 nights at Silver Falls State Park. We had so much fun, we didn’t want to come home!
We made reservations because it was the week before Labor Day, and I wasn’t sure what we were going to run into. It turned out to be a lucky thing (even though, at the time, the reservations agent said there was lots of room). Most spots were reserved by the time we got there, and this woman in the car ahead of us at check-in, was pitching an absolute fit that she was ending up with the least private, crappiest spot (I have altered her real terminology to the PG-version, it was more R-rated).The spots, admittedly are a bit close together. There are some spots that are slightly more private in the tent area (we opted to be there, so we had the woods around us). The RV spots are slightly more private, but it is more of a meadow like area, with shrubberies and small trees. You get to know your neighbors in the tent area, and we had a pretty good spot on the outside of the loop, with the creek behind us (if you are looking at the map, we were in spot #52). The spots in the middle of the loop are on the trail to the bathrooms, and we were glad we weren’t there!

Our view while eating…there was a small creek running behind our spot

Speaking of the bathrooms, the facilities in loop A (the tent loop), are really new and beautiful. The faucets in the bathroom have warm water, and the showers are free and very private (you have your own room rather than just a stall). Loop B has the same facilities, but they are older, the showers are stalls, but they are clean.The camp hosts are really involved too, and make sure you know about the evening programs and are happy to answer any questions. They were very friendly, but not over bearing. The programs the nights we were there were, the local Native Americans history and the natural resources of the area they used, and the history of Silver Falls (they bring in local experts to talk). There are also several kids programs they run (there are at least 2 daily), which are part of the State Park Jr. Ranger program.The campground is very close to the South Falls trailhead, which is also where the lodge is located, along with the swimming area, one of the play structures (the other was in the campground), and the nature store. The lodge has a little cafe with drinks, snacks, and small meals. It is a gorgeous building with the original, handmade myrtle wood furniture. Several of the people that worked on this lodge also work on Timberline Lodge.

This is South Falls at 177 feet…you can walk behind this waterfall!

The South Falls Lodge…this was built in 1940 and still has the original Myrtle wood furniture and a handy little cafe, as well as a gorgeous stone fireplace

The Upper North Falls trailhead is 2 miles up the road, and that is a nice short hike (0.5 mile round trip). There are much longer hikes available, including the 10 Falls Trail. That was a bit long for a nearly-4 year old, so we stuck to the shorter routes. We had the lad’s balance bike, but I didn’t have a bike, so I can’t speak to the bike trails, but there are lots of them, and I saw a lot of people using them (I was told the rides are good though).

Upper North falls…this is a short hike from the trailhead (0.5 miles). This is also the trail head for longer hikes.

Lower North Falls…this is viewed from Hwy 214, but can also be hiked to.

The place is amazing and a ton of fun. It is also very close to Enchanted Forest (between a half hour & 45-minutes), and we like to combine the trip!  We will definitely go back again.

South Fork of Silver Creek that runs smack rough the middle of the campground

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  1. Mann, You HAVE been busy… thanks for the info on Silver Falls and the note about the “Enchanted Forest”. I’ll take a look-see and plan it when I get back from the CICO… Time to Rock N Roll, now that Summer is over and “The Camping Season”, IMNSHO, is just beginning.. hehheh.. fun..
    ps. Would be kewl if you either had a “Google Map” Link or some indication where the ‘Other’ campsites were located.. no idea where “Yahcats” is.. Also some of the links are coming up UTL like that one:


  2. Thanks Frank! Yachats is about half way between Florence and Newport on the Oregon Coast. Also a heads up, Enchanted Forest is open until the end of September and now that the kids are back in school it will be less populated…although there will still be kids there and the section is small that you might like. No idea though. Check their website and see!
    Thanks for the suggestion on the Map. Good idea…just need to figure out how!

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