Moab Valley RV Resort (Moab)

In October 2010, on our way back from picking Dottie up in WI, we decided to route ourselves so we could check out Arches National Park.  It was somewhere both my mom and I wanted to see, and we figured this was as good a time as any!
We made a reservation at Moab Valley RV Resort.  My mom really wanted to sleep in a cabin, and my little guy and I spent the night in Dottie.

Here is their website:
This campsite is pretty great.  They do close for part of the year (we were there for the last weekend they were open), and reservations during high season are a good idea.
The site is fully fenced, and there is a gate that you need a key card to open.  I felt like it was really safe to park the trailer there and we could head out and it would be there when we got back.  They have several RV sights, in different sizes, and they are all ‘pull-through’.  They have water/electrical.  There are also bathrooms, but I can’t speak to them since I used the one in my mom’s cabin.
They also have a pool and a spa.  There is a little store on sight with incidentals and they have a big laundry room  They are a bit more expensive than other places we have been (I want to say it was $2 for each machine).
On top of the RV sites and cabins, they also have tent spots.

It is about 2 miles down the road from Arches National Park’s front gate.  They are not ‘in town’ (just outside).  It is a beautiful location.  I would definitely stay here again!


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